A few days ago, people from all over Michigan heard loud booming sounds late at night. One person from the Birch Run area went to social media looking for help to try and figure out what is was.

The last time there were reports of a loud boom at night, it ended up being a tragic house explosion in Flint. This time around it was a little different as Michiganders reported hearing three loud "booms" in a row.

One guy from the Birch Run area went to Facebook's Michigan Sky Warn page looking for help as he thought it was possibly a meteor entering the atmosphere.

I know this is generally weather information but I was wondering if there were any reports of a meteor entering the atmosphere near Birch Run area. We were awakened between 2:15 and 2:30 am by a series of 3 smaller booms and ending with a much louder one. Also described hearing a "motorcycle" like engine noise during this period of time.

One woman from Grand Blanc said she took her dogs out during that same time period and she also heard "strange loud unidentifiable noises."

While people from all over were going back and forth, someone suggested that it could have been a frost quake which is something I never of.

According to Wikipedia, ice quake or frost quake, is a seismic event caused by a sudden cracking action in frozen soil or rock saturated with water or ice, or by stresses generated at frozen lakes. As water drains into the ground, it may eventually freeze and expand under colder temperatures, putting stress on its surroundings.

One woman in Farmington Hills said she heard the booms as well:

I heard similar noises (booms) two days in a row in Farm Hills, both around 5:30 am. Thurs at 5:33 am, Friday at 5:36 am. The Friday one shook the house enough to make me look on the USGS site to see if it was an earthquake! I will look up frost quake.

Someone in Brighton said they heard it too but it was round 8-9pm.

So what was it? Unfortunately, no official reason was given for the loud booming sounds. I think we can probably rule out meteor, if one came into our atmosphere and it was significant enough to create a loud booming sound, someone would have caught it on camera or there would have been more reports.

If you think you know what is was, please let us know.

For now, it remains a Michigan mystery.

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