A Michigan woman employed by a local drug store to dress in an Easter Bunny costume and take photos with kids is claiming she was fondled over the weekend. However, the suspect, Michael Dodge, says he never touched her.

According to reports, Dodge took his wife and grandchildren to a Walgreens in Big Rapids on Saturday to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Yet, the kids were freaked out by the large, hairy beast and began to panic and cry when placed on the creepy rabbit’s lap. So, Dodge decided to pose for a couple of photos with the long-eared varmint to show the kids it was not going to kill and eat them.

The next day, Dodge received a phone call from the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety, saying that he needed to come down to their office because the Easter Bunny complained she was fondled. However, Dodge says he did not put his hands on her eggs or in her basket, stating the only thing he is guilty of is hugging the costumed woman for one of the photos.

Authorities say Dodge has not yet been charged with a crime, which as far as we can tell, could be because they are unsure whether to charge him with molestation or bestiality.

Dodge has been banned from Walgreens until the investigation is complete.