Have you ever heard the expression up sh*t creek without a paddle? Well, that’s exactly the condition of a Michigan man this morning after police say he attempted to escape the long arm of the law by making a row for it…using, well, a paddle boat of course.

According to a police report, 27-year-old Mark Rood, a felony fugitive wanted for absconding probation, was spotted by officers hanging out with his father, 52-year-old Mark Rood Sr., in the driveway of his home in Waterford.

However, the minute police attempted to arrest Rood Jr., his daddy ran some desperate interference, blocking officers from his son while he made a mad dash towards Lake Oakland. That’s where Rood Jr., hijacked a neighbors paddle boat and attempted to make a getaway.

Unfortunately, for Rood Jr., his remedial rowing skills kept him from getting anywhere near freedom, as the boat capsized shortly after launch, spilling him into the lake before authorities ordered him to shore.

Both men were charged with obstructing justice, and they are currently sitting in the Oakland County Jail where the only water sport they get to participate in is a little pitch and catch in the shower.