Talk about being in the money. One very lucky Michigan man scratched his way to $4 million dollars.

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The 33-year-old MacComb County man won the cash playing the Michigan Lottery's new Diamond 7 game. Per usual, this winner is choosing to remain anonymous. I suppose that is the smart thing to do. Telling close friends and family about a win this big is one thing, but once any lottery winner goes public, I am certain people come out of the woodwork looking and or expecting a hand out.

If you think lightning (winning) can strike twice in the same spot, the multi-million dollar ticket was purchased at 18-Dequindre Convenience Store in Sterling Heights. According to Click On Detroit, the jackpot winner scanned his ticket and then received a message to file a claim (the only message I ever get is Sorry Not A Winner).

The ticket was then looked at by a family member who said it was a $500 winner. The ticket was then scanned using the Michigan Lottery App and that is when things got real, the ticket was actually a $4 million dollar winner! Can you even imagine?

As far as this winner goes, his plan is to purchase a new home and save the rest. Sounds like a good plan. There has got to be no better feeling in the world than financial freedom.

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