Although there is no immediate threat of an Ebola epidemic sweeping Michigan and turning it into a scene from the 1995 film ‘Outbreak’, medical professionals claim that if the deadly virus does infect the state, the chances of anyone making it out alive are slim.

In a statement issued by the Michigan Nurses Association, the state is not at all prepared for the possibility of an Ebola breakout. "Unfortunately, we are hearing from our nurses that many Michigan hospitals are not prepared to deal with Ebola," John Armelagos, president of the MNA, said in a statement. "It is imperative that Michigan leaders use lessons from what happened in Texas to better protect nurses and prevent the spread of this life-threatening disease here.”

The statement continues by suggesting that the Michigan Nurses Association is working to ensure Registered Nurses across the state have the proper resources they need to provide care for patients with Ebola. "The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) can only do so much," said Dawn Kellinger, a representative for the association. "It's up to each state to manage this type of public health crisis and protect its health care workers and residents."

These same health professionals argue that a recent statement made by Governor Rick Snyder about the state being prepared for Ebola is a bold-faced lie. "Especially disturbing is the governor's comment that 'I may be overstating this, but I think almost every hospital in Michigan is equipped to do the isolation work that we need to do.' This type of health emergency requires truth and leadership, not an overstatement of readiness, according to the statement.

Let's just hope this nasty bug does not turn into this:

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