I see plenty of personalized license plates on vehicles. If a plate is funny or clever, clearly someone picked it on purpose - or did they? Check out the plate that Lynsey Mukomel recieved from the Michigan Secretary of State.

Mukomel, who is a reporter at WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, shared a picture of her state issued license plate on her Twitter page (see below). Can you believe it? I think it is hysterical, but I don't blame her for requesting a new one. I would certainly not want to drive around with a 'DCK 247' plate on my car.

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I had a personalized plate for years that referenced Bon Jovi. I would get a thumbs up, or the middle finger from other drivers from time to time. I can only imagine what kind of looks one would get with the DCK plate. A lot of honking I am sure.

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