After all these years, has somebody finally captured the illusive Sasquatch, also known as "Bigfoot" on camera in Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

For decades, concrete proof of Bigfoot's existence has remained just out of mankind's reach, which leaves pretty much two possibilities:

  1. The creature is intelligent, and extremely elusive.
  2. It's complete bulls---.

Back in the 1980s, urban legends like this were a little bit easier to believe. One could easily chalk the lack of evidence up to the poor quality of home video, slowness of manual cameras, and the incredibly slim chances you would have either ready to go if you somehow crossed paths with the legendary creature. But it's 2016 -- not 1983. Everyone has an high quality video camera in their pocket or in front of their face at all times. If Sas were real, someone would've found something by now.

Crypto Sightings is a website focused on exactly what their name would lead you to believe -- sightings of cryptozoological creatures. They recently posted a photo (seen above) from a trail cam in an unspecified part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The face of the beast is obscured in the picture (because of course it is), but its long limbs and stance appear to be that of an ape-like creature, i.e. Bigfoot.

While the first trail cam photo wasn't enough to definitively identify the creature, its next photo from 13 minutes later was. See for yourself below.

Sorry, Bigfooters. This time it was just a bear. However, you could just tell yourself that it was Bigfoot, and he chased the bear from the second picture back through that trail. Forget those stupid nay-sayers with their science and book learnin's. Never let anyone tell you that Bigfoot isn't real. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Stay woke.

Besides, everyone knows that Bigfoot is a psychic shape-shifter.