Midland resident Anthony Padilla recently told local news outlets that he has proof Bigfoot is living on his property. It turns out that there is much, much more to the story. Get the absolutely undeniable account of Padilla's encounter with one of the Bigfeet (yes, as in more than one) here.

I was a little skeptical about Padilla's story, first broke by WNEM-TV5, but after hearing his amazing story during Rod and Steph's morning show on our sister station Cars 108 -- I'm a believer too! The Midland resident told the Cars 108 morning show about his first encounter with the encounter with the creature, which he initially mistook for a hunter or DNR officer in a ghillie suit.

"I seen him first," said Padilla. He further explained that he still thought it was a hunter and continued to approach it, until he and the majestic beast were face-to-face. "His eyes were so red they looked they were full of blood like a man on his death bed," because you know how people's eyes turn red when they're about to die, right? "His eyeball was yellow, yellowish-green, black in the middle and real tiny little yellow-green in the middle of the black. And they swiveled. Both of 'em. Bam!"

Now pay attention, because this is the part of the story where Mr. Padilla explains why Bigfoot has been so hard to find all these years. It is so good, we'll just run his entire quote, uninterrupted below.

"I tried to speak to it ... and I couldn't spit it out. And not that I wasn't scared, he wouldn't let me! He started getting, like, blurry, fuzzy, like a mist... like a spirit, like... and then I seen some antlers evolve. Like, they say they move like the ninja -- that part is true. He turned around... Bam! Gave me a vision of white deer's tails [and] two hooves jumpin' away from me to try and make me forget what I'd seen. I know what he did ... It's called absorption. He checked me. He read me just to see if he could trust me [or] if I'd go against him and I don't."

Padilla reportedly told the morning show hosts off-mic that he thought the creature's presence may be linked to the "Ancient Indian Burial Ground" on his property. He also said his decision to come forward was directly motivated by the recently premiered Spike TV "reality" show '$10,000,000 Bigfoot Bounty.' The producers of the show had not yet contacted him at the time of the interview.

On multiple occasions throughout the conversation, Anthony indicated that there is more than one Sasquatch (Bigfoot) out there and that he thinks there's both "good ones and bad ones." Hopefully, his courageous decision to come forward with this harrowing story doesn't cause him any strife with the "bad ones."

Seriously, if this guy isn't full of s---, I'll eat my shoe.


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