A woman from southeast Michigan says she'll never make fun of people that take selfies again.

63-year-old Juanita Branch of Fraser was recently taking a selfie so she could update her Facebook profile pic, something she rarely does.  While she was taking multiple selfies she started to notice something strange with her face and wasn't looking quite like herself. Her lips were twisted and her face was drooping.

She knew these were sure signs she was having a stroke. The signs were all too familiar as she had a mini-stroke two years earlier and was well aware of the symptoms.

According to Macomb Daily, Branch called for help in her senior apartment complex. She also managed to unlock the front door and even attempted to change her outfit but she began to lose her balance. By the time help arrived her speech was slurred.

This upbeat positive woman says she's now feeling fantastic.

Source: Macomb Daily & Fox2

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