An Oakland County woman is a lot closer to retirement after she recently won a $4 million jackpot playing the Michigan Lottery’s “$150 Million Cash Explosion” instant game.

According to MLive, she purchased her ticket at the Sherwood Liquor Shoppe, located at 1330 East Commerce Street in Milford.

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The 63-year-old couldn't believe her eyes when she scratched off the winning numbers.

I scratched the ticket off once I got to my car. I took my time scratching the numbers and all I could say after seeing the ‘4MIL’ symbol was, ‘Are you kidding me?

When I got home, I told my husband he’d better sit down because I had some news. When I told him, his reaction was a little more colorful than mine! We’re both just elated!

It didn't take the couple long to realize they'd be able to retire a little earlier than planned.

My husband and I have been talking about retiring and after crunching the numbers we felt like we’d be okay. Now, we know we’re going to be fine.

She went the smart route and decided to receive her prize as a one-time lump-sum payment of $2.5 million.

I always try to imagine how I would react if something like this happened to me. I fear I would have a heart attack. Seriously I don't know if my ticker could handle that kind of excitement. Of course, that would be my luck, I win the lottery and then drop dead.

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