If you live in Michigan and you purchased certain 16.9-ounce bottles of Pepsi-Cola from late February to early April, Pepsico is asking that you return your bottles.

Bottles with product codes HC022373 and HC022473 should be returned to stores.

According to ABC12, there was an investigation that found minute particles of iron and chromium in bottles due to a parts failure in the manufacturing process. In March.

Pepsico says they had 18 complaints of a metallic taste but there's no safety issues.

I honestly can't see that many people actually taking the time to go through the product codes and more than likely they've already sucked down their Pepsi purchases anyway. If not though and you wanna be on the safe side, return your Pepsi asap.

Anyone with questions can call (866) 433-2652.

Source: ABC12

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