When completed, this trail will be over 2,000 miles long.

Yet another amazing thing about Michigan. When completed, the Iron Belle Trail will span 2,000 miles around Michigan and become the longest state-designated trail in the United States. Currently, the Iron Belle Trail is 71% complete.

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The Iron Belle Trail is a pretty amazing feat and actually consists of two trails for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the trails is designated for hiking and the other trail is designated for biking. The hiking trail will be 1,204 miles long when completed and the biking trail will be 828 miles long when completed.


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Altogether, the Iron Belle Trail will connect 48 counties and 240 townships throughout the state. Both trails will run throughout the entire state from the western end of the Upper Peninsula in Ironwood all the way down to Belle Isle in Detroit. That is one hell of a hike.

Much of the hiking trail will follow portions of the North Country National Scenic Trail that runs through the state. The biking trail will connect man existing trails in the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan.

This would make for an incredible journey to hike and bike the full length of the Iron Belle Trail when it is completed. However, that would be a monstrous endeavor to take on. I might have been able to handle it back in my twenties. Now that I'm pushing 40, I don't see this in the cards for me. More power to you if you give it a shot.

Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Wikipedia

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