Located in Gration County, this tiny Mackinac Bridge attracts people from all over the state of Michigan.

It truly is the tiniest version of the Mackinac Bridge that you can actually walk across. What makes this bridge so strange isn't just its size, but its location as well. The bridge sits above a small body of water at a storage facility. Seems like a strange spot for something so cool.

Apparently, the previous owners of Mini Mac Storage Center built the bridge not because they wanted publicity or anything like that. They built the bridge simply for the fun of it according to MLive.

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Current Owner Kory Edgar:

I understand he built this bridge toward the end of his career. He just wanted something fun to build, a fun project to keep himself busy at the time. He, like a lot of us, had a love for the state of Michigan and especially the Mackinac Bridge, so here we are.

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I guess people come from all over to check out the bridge, especially in the summer.

The bridge even features a mini toll booth on what would be considered the Upper Peninsula side of the bridge. On the Lower Peninsula side, prior to crossing the bridge, the grounds are shaped like a mini Michigan mitten.

If you want to check out the bridge, it's only about an hour in a half drive from Flint.

The mini Mackinac Bridge is located at Mini Mac Storage Center at 8200 N. Begole Road in St. Louis in Mid-Michigan near Alma.

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