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I think at this point you know, I'm not a fan of the state's orders to shut down indoor dining at restaurants and bars across Michigan. I don't feel the state should be allowed to take away a person's livelihood and not compensate them immediately.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced citations at Michigan businesses who are not following the epidemic orders.

MDHHS Director Robert Gordon:

I thank the vast majority of restaurant and bar owners for helping us contain the spread of COVID-19 by temporarily closing their indoor service. We continue to see improvements in the numbers, and we know that the public health orders we have put in place are working. I look forward to the day when indoor service can reopen.

Not only are these businesses struggling to not close their doors forever, but they're also being fined big money on top of it. Yes, I understand they broke the "rules" but it's still a bunch of bs.

Penalties for not following the state's order are up to $1,000 but as you'll see below, one restaurant was fined $11,000.

  • Café Rosetta, Calumet, Issued Dec. 2, $4,000
  • Big Boy, Sandusky, Issued Dec 2, $5,000
  • Hatorando Sushi, Hartland, Issued Dec. 2, $2,000
  • Iron Pig Smokehouse, Gaylord, Issued Dec. 2, Gaylord, $5,000
  • Rockhouse Grill & Tavern, Houghton, Issued Dec. 4, $1,000
  • Spangler’s Family Restaurant, Jonesville, Issued Dec. 16, $11,000
  • Cravins, Hudson, Issued Dec. 16, $1,000
  • Bernita Mae Café, Sand Lake, $4,000
  • Jimmy's Roadhouse, Newaygo, Issued Dec. 16, $1,000
  • D&R Daily Grind, Portage, Issued Dec. 16, $2,000
  • Wild Roast Coffee, Grandville, Issued Dec. 16, $2,000
  • John Cowley & Sons Irish Pub, Farmington, Issued Dec. 16, $1,000
  • Woodchips BBQ, Lapeer, Issued Dec 16, $4,000

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