Some people in this world are just drunk disgusting idiots. Mt. Pleasant Police are now looking for a man that stopped at a Shell gas station and then urinated in the snack aisle. 

I know people can do really dumb things when they're hammered. Hell, I would like to erase some memories of things I've done too. However, I have never been so drunk that I would have thought this was a good idea. Not only did he do this nasty thing, he even brought his friend over to show him.

I should clarify that I have no idea whether or not he was hammered. Honestly, I hope he was. If he wasn't, he automatically ascends to the top of the list of the types of people I hate. No one should ever have to worry about stopping at a gas station to pick up your favorite snack and then get a handful of piss.


Source: WNEM TV 5

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