I don't know when we will be back at the world famous Machine Shop for a live show. I do know how you can still support the Shop, and look damn good doing it - by purchasing Machine Shop Gear.

I for one am not ready for summer to end, but it will. Fall is just around the corner, that means cooler temps. It's just about time to put away your cut off shorts and tank tops, and get out your jeans and sweatshirts. You can look super fly this fall in a new  Machine Shop hoodie or sweatshirt (or both).

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Let's not forget a good hat. The perfect accessory for a guy or a girl. I am pretty sure I wear a Machine Shop hat everyday. I will soon be busting out my winter Shop hats too. No worries, if you don't have one - there is a cool Machine Shop skull hat you can order that is perfect for the fall and winter months.

The Machine Shop clothing has come along way since the beginning. Sure, everyone loves a T-shirt, but Johanna has taken things to the next level. She even created Machine Shop sweats with style.

You will see them below, as well as a handful of other items that will be the perfect attire for for the upcoming months. I did not list all of the merch available below, so if you are looking for a specific T-shirt, something from the women's line or men's line, click here to see more and to order. FYI there are a lot of good sales right now.

Happy shopping, I can't wait to see you out and about in your new gear.