Finally, something I'm happy to report about on the Penn State story.  My thoughts on Penn State's recent punishment, the red-hot Tigers, and the Lions recent decision to cut a knucklehead. 

NCAA Football: Penn State Severely Penalized By NCAA

A lot of people were calling for the "death penalty" for Penn State after all the details of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case and the cover up that followed came out, but the NCAA may have hit them with an even harsher punishment.  The school was fined $60 million dollars, a significant reduction in scholarships, a four year bowl ban, and was stripped off all wins that the team accumulated from 1998 to 2011.  The punishment will cripple the team from serious contention for the next decade and also offers all current Penn State football players a chance to transfer to another school.

I really think the NCAA was dead on with this.  The punishment is severe and sets a precedent for cover ups in the future.  It also allows the innocent people with a tie to Penn State to begin the recovery process and put this in their rear view mirror.

I've heard people say that the ruling does nothing to negate the awful crimes that Jerry Sandusky committed, but that was the intention.  The punishment is in response to the cover up, which is nearly as disgusting as the crimes.  If the people in power would have reacted appropriately when they initially found out about the sexual abuse, none of this would have happened.  Sandusky would have gone to jail, and Penn State would still be a football powerhouse.

MLB: Red Hot Tigers

I told you guys, "It's still early" and "There is a lot of baseball left" but still, people were saying the sky was falling and the Tigers sucked.  Where are the naysayers now?  The Tigers are leading the AL Central and they've got the pedal to the metal, with no sign of letting off.  The Tigers have won 13 of their last 15 games and everybody in the lineup is playing quality baseball.  Miggy and Prince are both swinging huge, the entire team is playing great D and the pitching is finally coming together.  JV is a given, but Porcello and Fister have been throwing great stuff.  The Tigers swept the 2nd place White Sox and are getting set to bury the 3rd place Indians this week.

Things are only looking up for the Tigers as both Andy Dirks and Drew Smyly are both set to make returns from the DL and bolster the roster of the Tigers.

NFL: Detroit Lions Cut Aaron Berry After Latest Arrest

Finally, the Lions are doing something about all of these off season arrests.  Starting CB Aaron Berry was cut after his second arrest this off season.  Berry was arrested on Saturday for brandishing a gun at pedestrians, less than a month after he was arrested for DUI.  The arrest was the 7th for the Lions in the off season.

I know the Lions desperately need help in the secondary and the loss of Berry only compounds that problem, but I'm glad the Lions said enough is enough.  The Lions have had a problem with lack of discipline on the field and I'm a firm believer that those problems stem from their lack of discipline off the field.  Hopefully this sends a message to the Lions organization that this crap won't be tolerated.