If 2023 is your year to get in shape, TRV Fit Flint is here to help.

The popular workout facility on Miller Road was recently purchased by Tom and Samantha Yeager of Flint Township. If the names sound familiar, the husband and wife team are both originally from Flushing.

The Yaeger family officially took over ownership on January 1st. Samantha Yeager was a member for roughly two years before accepting a management position at TRV Fit Flint in September 2022.

When it comes to the Yeager's and TRV Fit Flint one word comes to mind - passion. Samantha was a member at other TRV Fit locations but found her home in Flint.

Samantha was kind enough to answer the following questions about TRV FIT Flint.

What makes TRV Fit Flint so special?

Flint is my family, we have a remarkable member base and 5 exceptional trainers. We are literally a fitness center for EVERYONE! I decided to buy Trvfit Flint because of my passion for Trvfit and my love for our training staff and members! I felt it was time to take the leap and grow my role with Trvfit even further.

We have members of all athletic abilities. TRV Fit Flint welcomes everyone regardless of age, sex, or fitness level. Every group session is led by a certified trainer, who demonstrates every movement and scale to accommodate everyone.

What type of classes do you offer?

Our staple TrvX class is a great mix of strength training and cardio. We will be adding MyZone capability to track heart rate in real-time, to reach the targeted zone with each workout. Our Riot Boxing is our most popular group session, and again, this is for beginners all the way up to advanced boxers. We also offer personal 1-1 training, as well as semi-private training.

Are you offering any incentives to motivate people in the new year?

Yes, we are. TRV Fit Flint is offering free 7-day passes to anyone who is interested in seeing what we are all about. We are so passionate about who we are, and the best way to show this is for potential members to try us out. They will be hooked from there!

Fun fact about Tom and Samantha Yeager, they are also the couple behind the hugely popular Started Cooking In Quarantine, Now We Are Here Facebook group.

Congratulations Yeager family on your new adventure. Here's to wishing you much success.

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