Walmart stores in 10 states have gotten rid of plastic bags this year.

In the age of going green, many companies have made changes inside their stores and out. Many states are making changes in the laws as well. In Walmart's case, over 100 stores have gotten rid of plastic bags at the checkout stands in 2023.

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As some states have banned the use of plastic bags, stores and companies have no choice but to follow the new rules. Walmart shoppers in 10 states now have to bring their own bags or use other options at the store that of course cost more money. Those states include Vermont, Maine, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, Oregon, and New Jersey, according to

On the flip side, some stores are taking a different approach. During a recent vacation to South Carolina, I noticed a significant difference in the bags offered at the check out stand. In Michigan, the plastic bags at Walmart can hold about three bananas before they rip and break. The plastic bags in South Carolina Walmart stores were considerably more durable and boasted that they could withstand many trips. They were honestly about as thick as construction-grade garbage bags.

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The question is, what would you rather Michigan stores do if they end up following suit on this? Personally, I would like to see the thicker more durable bags used as they really did come in handy for other things during our trip. If plastic bags get banned in Michigan, I'm willing to bet it will take me about a year before I actually remember to bring my own bag when I go shopping.

While I haven't seen or heard of any changes coming to Michigan, I wouldn't rule it out. With so many remodels happening to Walmart stores, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the types of bags we see change too.


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