An off-duty officer attempted to arrest a soldier at a South Carolina Buffalo Wild Wings and instead gets arrested himself! Witnesses claim Paul Derrick approached Brittany Ball at the restaurant. Brittany showed no interest in Paul Derrick and the two began to argue. Derrick, 49,  left and returned with handcuffs from his vehicle.

Lucky for Brittany, 23, a fellow patron recorded the incident on his cell phone. In the video Derrick can be seen trying to force Ball to stand up after cuffing her hands behind her back and tugging on them. An officer who reviewed the tape reports hearing Derrick say 'This is how Marines deal with soldiers.'

Once restaurant management tried to deal with the situation, they and others where shooed away by Derrick. When police did arrive, an officer watched about 30 seconds of the cell phone recording and arrested Paul Derrick. Brittany was released.

Watch the video for yourself below and hear from Steven 'WaWa' Hughes who taped it. Is this Derrick guy a nut or what? Also, can you believe the news piece included calling Steven Hughes 'WaWa'?

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