Proving that a hero's work is never done, three Grand Blanc Township firefighters, along with a Grand Blanc resident, are being hailed as heroes after saving the lives of three strangers while on a snowmobile trip.

Firefighter Lyle Knopf, Firefighter Adam Frank, and Firefighter Dave Bechtel along with Grand Blanc resident, Larry Warburton were recently away on a snowmobile trip in the Upper Peninsula when they were made aware of a medical emergency involving three unresponsive men in a cabin nearby on Saturday, February 19th.

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In a letter posted to social media, the Grand Blanc Township Fire Department described the situation and the heroic measures by the men,

"Without hesitation Firefighter Knopf ran to the cabin and found three male subjects unresponsive and not breathing. Firefighter Knopf immediately began CPR on one of the subjects while calling Firefighter Frank and Bechtel for additional help.Together the firefighters performed CPR to the three subjects until officers with the Michigan State Police and other local first responders arrived to administer NARCAN and provide addtional medical assistance."

According to the letter, all three victims were transported to a local hospital and were listed in stable condition as of Sunday, February 20th. The Grand Blanc Township Fire Department made a point to note that Grand Blanc resident Larry Warburton was also critical in the life-saving efforts by alerting medical personnel of the situation and directing them where to go.

Kudos to these men for putting their lives on the line while on duty, and continuing to put community and the lives of others first even when it's their turn for some much earned time off.

Read the full statement below.

Grand Blanc Township Fire Department

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