If you are a first responder or essential worker, be sure to get the new rewards card.

Speedway has started up a program to help out and reward first responders and essential personnel throughout the United States. If you are one of these workers, be sure to stop by any Speedway location and pick up your First Responder Speedy Rewards card.

I shop at Speedway almost every day. It is normally my first stop of the morning before heading into the studio to grab my morning coffee and other snacks I may need for the day. Today, when returning from lunch, I was in line behind a nurse from Hurley. As she checked out she was told about the new card and was pretty excited about it. Neither she nor I knew this was even a thing so I figured I would try and get the word out there to others like her.

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The new Speedway First Responder Speedy Rewards card starts off with a few bonuses right off the bat. This card can be used to save money on gas to the tune of 5-cents-off per gallon. Also, the card comes already loaded with five free coffees or fountain drinks.

Act now as the First Responder Speedy Rewards cards are given out on a first-come, first-served basis at local Speedway locations. All you need is the proper identification and your uniform. Even if you already have a regular Speedy Rewards card, you should still get this one as you can link it to your current account.


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