Every time I read a post on social media where someone is complaining about having to stay at home, I think of all the people on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Nurses, doctors, grocery store employees, caregivers, and so many more.

I have quite a few friends in the nursing field, and Wesley Filkins is one of them. I saw this particular video yesterday, and immediately asked him if I could share it with you. Wes works in the COVID ICU at Memorial Healthcare in Owosso. I can't even begin to imagine what Wes sees on a daily basis.

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In a situation where people may feel hopeless, Wes brings the hope - and the laughs. One of the patients Wes is caring for, bet him that he could not dance in his 'spacesuit'. When I say spacesuit, I mean the protective suit he must wear when working. As you will see in the video below, he did it. He danced like a champ for his patient. I could not love this more. Thank you Wes Filkins, and thank you to all of the people working on the front lines. You all truly rock!

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