In our final episode of this season of Epic Rock Tales, Pantera bassist Rex Brown gave us an incredible recollection from the ‘90s. While Pantera were opening for KISS during their reunion tour, the Cowboys From Hell actually got kicked out of a South American venue for starting fires.

We started off this season of Epic Rock Tales with a story about Philip Anselmo crapping his pants onstage and we’re finishing it with a Pantera story set 10 years later! South American metalheads are a legit phenomenon. For decades they’ve proven themselves to be some of the most wild and faithfully dedicated fans on earth, and this tale narrated by Rex Brown adds to their legend.

After Pantera’s opening set in Santiago, Chile, the band decided to check out KISS’ performance from the scaffolding. However, they could be seen by the crowd, who kept chanting “Pantera! Pantera!” after each KISS song. Realizing they needed to hide, Pantera went backstage and partied with some Chilean beer.

After guzzling a few drinks, Brown’s bass tech came up to him and said, “You’ve got to come see this, man.” Rex and his Pantera bandmates were brought to these big piles of “black stuff,” which turned out to be human hair. The Chilean fans went so nuts for Pantera that they were ripping each others’ hair out, which then collected into piles. A little freakout out at first, Pantera decided to enjoy the spectacle by busting out some gasoline… and we’ll let Rex tell you the rest.

Check out Rex Brown’s incendiary Epic Rock Tale in the video above!

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