It's been confirmed by the Michigan Department of Health that a carrier of the measles passed through the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on March 6. 

The person was traveling from India to Detroit and was mainly at customs and the baggage area in the north terminal, posing the most risk for anyone who was there from 2 to 5 pm., according to The Washington Post.

If you were at the airport on March 6th and in the areas mentioned above and you experienced high fever, red eyes, coughing, a runny nose or light sensitivity followed by a bumpy rash you should contact your doctor. The majority of us were vaccinated as children which has a 90% plus effective rate. Obviously, if you were never vaccinated, you stand a high rate of becoming infected with the disease.

The person infected in this story does live in Michigan and did seek medical attention after arriving in Detroit.

This is the first reported case this year in Michigan. Last year there were only two reported cases in Michigan of the 118 total in the United States.

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