I knew dogs could get a cold or whatever but I didn't realize there was a dog flu that was highly contagious when dogs came into contact with it.

According to ABC12 and Dr. Michael Merrithew, 80% of the animals that will come into contact will get sick, and 10 to 20% will die. That's really scary for dog lovers. Apparently, this dog flu is on the rise and has been spreading throughout the country over that last decade.

Veterinarians suggest getting your dogs vaccinated which is similar to what people do to prepare for the flu. I'm sure people are going to get in an uproar about how it's all bulls*#t and how it's poison and a waste of money. Believe whatever you want, I'm just letting you know it's something you can do if you choose. Will I get my dog vaccinated? Most likely I won't but not because I think it's a bunch of crap. I won't get my dog vaccinated because he's a Great Dane and a pain in the ass to take to the vet. I'm sure he'll be just fine.

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