Are you hungry for pizza? Are you hungry for say a... hot dog? You are? Hope you live across the pond, because Pizza Hut in the UK has a treat for you. Find out about their Italian baseball treat below.

Pizza Hut first stuffed their crust with cheese in 95, the world was overfilled with joy. (Pun intended.) After the pizza geniuses added pepperoni into the mix, what else could they stuff in there?

Introducing Pizza Hut UK's 'Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza'! If that doesn't make your mouth water; let's add some 'Mustard Drizzle.' Fo shizzle my pizzle mazaker!

Those British sure love to eat wacky things. Here are couple specialty pizza you may see at Pizza Hut soon:

  • In China, 'Dog Head & Rice Stuffed Pizza' with free Soy Sauce Dipper
  • In Thailand, 'Grasshopper Stuffed Pizza' with free Thai Sweet Chili Essence