Some people just don't know how to act at bars in Michigan.

As we approach the holidays, more and more people will be heading out on the town with family and friends. Now, just because you're hanging with your high school or college buddies, doesn't mean you have to act like you did in high school and college. Basically, don't be a d*ck and you'll get much better service and have a more enjoyable time.

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Working in radio, I have spent the last 20 years of my life visiting bars and restaurants all over the place. I've learned a lot about how to act in public drinking establishments and I'm also blown away by the number of people that just don't know how to be decent human beings.

I've gotten to know hundreds of bartenders, servers, cooks, and owners over the years, and they are some of the hardest-working people out there. They work harder than most, despite the types of people that have to deal with every single day.

After talking to many of my bartender/server friends lately, I asked them what their biggest pet peeves were when it comes to serving customers. I have to say, I was astonished that people actually do these things routinely.

Look, I understand that we can all get drunk and make mistakes here and there, but some of the things listed below are things that servers deal with every day...and they need to stop. Be kind. Be polite. Be a decent human being and you will have a much more enjoyable time.

If you are a seasoned drinker, you more than likely have seen these things and can agree they need to be stopped. I also feel that we all know someone that needs to read this list before they go out again. Common sense doesn't seem to be as common anymore.

I've also tossed in a few pro tips on the list that bartenders and servers appreciate. Little things go a long way.

Please Stop Doing This at Michigan Bars. Bartenders Will Love You

When you're out enjoying some drinks with family or friends, stop doing these things. Just be kind and decent.

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