When someone comes to your door asking you to go to their van so you can check out their meat, you best call the cops.

This is exactly what happened to a homeowner in Clayton Township. A man around 30 years-old went to a home on the 10,000 block of Potter Road. He requested that the homeowner leave the house and view the meat, which he said he kept in a large cooler in his minivan.

The homeowner told the man no and closed the door.

According to WNEM, police said if a similar incident happens you should request to see a menu or a list of items being sold. If the seller makes a weird request or makes you uncomfortable you should shut your door and call 911, police said.

A few years back, a guy would stop at my house regularly and try to sell me meat out of the back of his pick-up. I entertained the guy and went to see if that's truly what he was selling. Sure thing, a big cooler of meat.

One day while I wasn't at home, he stopped and tried to get my girlfriend at the time to buy some and without using her brain...she did. I never thought I would have to tell someone that' it's not a good idea buying meat from a dirty guy in a pick-up truck.

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