Over the last two-plus decades' scientists have cloned a variety of mammals including sheep, cats, dogs, cows pigs, and they've even successfully created human embryos.  The one thing they've never been able to do is to create primate babies with these cloning methods...until now. Primates, of course, include apes and humans, so are we next?

According to WNEM, Muming Poo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai says the goal is to create lots of genetically identical monkeys for use in medical research, where they would be particularly valuable because they are more like humans than other lab animals such as mice or rats.

They still haven't nailed down the process 100% since it took 127 eggs to get the two female baby monkeys who are now about 7 and 8 weeks old, named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua.

The cloning of humans is a long way off so don't start freaking about it just yet. Scientists know if they attempted cloning babies from human adults, they would fail. I'm not a scientist and it's all really hard to explain in my own words but if you wanna see the full (very interesting) story, click here. I just love science and I totally support the future study of cloning.