Southwest Airlines is having a sale on planes through Thursday night at midnight. You can snag tickets out of Detroit and Grand Rapids for as low as $49 one-way.

If you are looking for a last minute vacation or just want to take advantage of the deal, here are the places you can go for cheap. From Grand Rapids, one-way tickets to Baltimore/Washington D.C. will cost you $79 or you can fly to Denver and back for only $99 each way.

In Detroit you have a few more one-way options:

  • Atlanta -- $79
  • Baltimore/Washington D.C. -- $49
  • Chicago -- $49
  • Denver -- $99
  • Nashville -- $79
  • Phoenix -- $129
  • St. Louis -- $79

As always there are a few restricted dates, but you can book these deals now for trips between August 21st and December 12th of this year.

To book your flight or see all the details, check out the website here. Don't be lazy, go somewhere and have some fun or hide from your ex.

Source: MLive