Sterling Heights residents would love to see the Lakeside Mall converted into Michigan's first Buc-ee's location.

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Buc-ee's is a super popular gas station and convenience center. Buc-ee's is known for having countless food options like brisket, tacos, fresh sandwiches, baked goods, and more.

Buc-ee's is also known for having the cleanest restrooms in America. Did I mention the store has a great beer and wine selection too?

Demolition of the Lakeside Mall is planned for sometime in 2024 or early 2025. According to C&G News, JC Penney and Macy's are expected to be a part of the redevelopment.

As for now, Sterling Heights residents have taken to social media to discuss how awesome it would be to have Buc-ee's move into the location. Please note, this is not really happening, although I do think it is a fantastic idea. Many people on a recent Facebook thread feel the same way.

As far as I know, there are no plans for Buc-ee's to open anywhere in Michigan. Ohio will be getting its first Buc-ee's in Huber Heights. If you live in the Detroit area you are looking at only a 3-hour drive. From Flint, drivers should expect a little less than 4 hours of travel time.

From what I have heard about Buc-ee's - it will be worth the drive.

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