Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler recently took part in a Reddit AMA where he completely opened up about GN’R’s past and present. During the Q&A session with fans, Adler claimed that he and guitarist Izzy Stradlin “really do wanna be a part” of the Guns reunion, but only if it was with the classic Appetite for Destruction lineup.

Steven Adler made numerous guest appearances on Guns N’ Roses’ Not in This Lifetime reunion tour, performing “Out Ta Get Me” and “My Michelle” in front of stadium crowds. Though Adler treated fans with a few jams at select shows, Izzy Stradlin reportedly declined his own guest spots along with a five-figure payday per cameo.

When asked by a fan if he would be joining Guns for a larger part of the tour in the future, Adler responded, “I had a great time last year doing the couple shows that I got to do with them … If it was going be just the five original guys with [Izzy] and Axl, Slash, and Duff and myself, then yes I will, but otherwise, it's not the magic and it's not fair to the fans. Me and [Izzy] actually really do wanna be a part of it.”

Adler also expressed his thoughts on the current state of rock 'n' roll. “All I know is that the gods of rock are pissed!” Adler stated. “I think I am afraid rock 'n' roll might be dead. There are just no great bands out there. The last great band that I know of was the Foo Fighters, and that was 25 years ago.”

Adler’s mother, Deanna, who was also a part of the AMA, added, “I don't believe it will ever die. When he was playing in the 80s, we would go on Sunset Blvd and see all these guys with the black leather jackets.” Steven responded, “But that was the '80s, this is 2017. Music is completely different now. It sucks!”

Guns N’ Roses have a bunch of 2017 tour dates scheduled in Europe and North America, so click here to check them out.

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