If anybody actually says, "Yes, I love to rake leaves in the fall," I'm gonna call BS on you.

I haaaaaaate raking. And I've never met somebody who actually enjoys spending a Sunday in November in their yard with a crappy $10 rake while dragging a lawn bag behind them.

So, how about this? DON'T. Just DON'T RAKE. Seriously. Put the rake down and curl up with a blanket on the couch and watch the Lions suck, because it's still better than raking.

Raking, according to environmental experts, is pointless and bad for the planet. Really, all you're doing is MOVING the leaves from one place to another.

However, you can't just leave (get it?) a thick layer of dead leaves on your lawn, because you'll suffocate your grass. Instead, MULCH MULCH and MULCH SOME MORE! It's great for your lawn and even better for the planet.

However, you may have to rake if the leaf cover is too thick for your mower. If you have to thin it out, experts say to drop the leaves in flower beds or other parts of your lawn that don't normally see leaf cover.

Again, the moral of the story is to STOP RAKING YOUR LEAVES.

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