On top of everything else we're dealing with right now, apparently, we also have to deal with lazy people that are throwing their nasty gloves on the ground in store parking lots.

Obviously I don't have an issue with you wearing gloves, hell, I wear gloves when I go to the store. What I don't do is discard them on the ground because I'm too lazy to walk over to a trash can and throw them away. Come on people, be a bit more respectful of your community.

It's not only rubber gloves I'm seeing, I also see masks just tossed on the ground as well.

This kind of littering crap drives me nuts when we're not dealing with a pandemic. So right now, this infuriates me to no end. Don't be a pig, throw away your freaking trash.

We've got doctors and nurses on the front lines who have had issues finding enough protective gear to keep them safe as they tend to patients seeking treatment for COVID-19 and we have morons just throwing theirs on the ground.

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