Source: WalletHub

There's no way to sugar-coat it -- and truthfully if we're adding a coating of sugar that would just make things worse -- Detroit is the fattest city in the US.

The revelation comes from WalletHub's 2020 ranking of best and worst cities for keeping New Year's resolutions, in which Detroit ranks near the bottom as well. The personal finance website focused on a number of factors that contribute to keeping resolutions including goals surrounding diet, health, and finances.

The survey found that 47.4% of adults in Detroit qualify as obese. That's three times as many as Fremont, California, with 15.3% of its adults in obese territory.

The Motor City also scored poorly in the School & Work Resolution category measuring statistics like the number of schools with above averages scores, number of high school dropouts, and job opportunities.

Another factor that put Detroit near the bottom of the list is the 'Bad-Habit' metric. Factors such as the number of smokers, binge drinkers, drug users, cases of drug overdoses, and persons who have reported gambling disorders were included.


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