The worst part of this story is that several tacos were wasted in a high school cafeteria.  The best part of this story is that there is a high school who truly understands the importance of tacos enough to have a Taco Day. 

It started as a prank, and now eight high school students from Lebanon Tennessee are facing criminal charges for allegedly starting a food fight on "Taco Day" at their school. Wilson Central High School senior Daren Romkee told their local news station WSMV  "We all stood up and said 'food fight!' And just started throwing food," and that the food fight is "going down in the books."  The students were charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct and Sheriff Robert Bryan told a local paper that "there are probably more charges to come."  In addition to the criminal charges, some of the teenagers will not be able to walk with the rest of their class at graduation which some think is an unfair punishment.

Tacos are my favorite food.  I feel like these damn kids deserve life in prison for such a waste of one of the worlds most valuable necessities. They should have their diplomas burned in their faces.  At the very least, their parents should be punished for not teaching them to respect tacos.

Perhaps someone could show them this video.  It's my instructional video on how to respect and enjoy tacos responsibly.