13 Most Epic Michigan Tattoos on Instagram [PHOTOS]
As someone who has gone back and forth for years about getting a tattoo, I can appreciate someone committing to a piece... even if it is "ragretful."  Nothing is more sure on this earth than the love Michiganders feel for the state, so it's no surprise that a lot of them …
People Upset Over Tattooed JC
I am sure some people ask themselves daily, 'What would Jesus do?'. Maybe you have wondered WWJD when it comes to tattoos? Well, I can't speak for Jesus, but some folks in Texas believe they can.
Face Tattoos Last Forever
Ya know how people say, don't get a tattoo because you'll regret it? Well, this is truly one of those cases. This chick was actually cute prior to having her boyfriend's name carved into her face after only knowing him for one week.

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