Over the last year, I've been spending a lot of time with Andy Kurth at Electric Chair Tattoo in Clio. 

I had a sleeve that was nearly 20 years old and it was really starting to show its age. It was dull, faded and in desperate need of some serious attention. After hours and hours under the gun, my old tattoo was brought back life thanks to Andy Kurth.

My sleeve was originally created by Perry Stratton who works out of Splash of Color in Lansing. I loved what he created back in the day but I was terrible at taking care of my tattoos and after years in the sun, it just lost all its vibrancy.

Last year I sat down with Andy, who's been with Electric Chair for nearly 18 years and we put together a plan to bring my old beat up tattoo back to life. This wasn't my first session with Andy, he's done a number of pieces on me so that's why I knew he was the perfect guy for the job. His color work is truly amazing.

The main reason I wanted to put together a video for this was just to show how you can take an old tattoo and really bring new life to it. In the before and after pics below, you'll see the difference. I talk with so many people who complain about their old nasty tattoos so I wanted to show that you really can bring them back to life...new and improved!

Andy redid the Egyptian piece om my upper arm and my two alien pieces on my forearm. I'll be going back for even more work in the future. If you love lots of color or want some original work, be sure to reach out to ECT in Clio and make an appointment with Andy Kurth. You can check out some of his work here on his Instagram page.

The crew over at Electric Chair in Clio are great. It's a fun and awesome atmosphere if you're looking to get some work done. They also have a location in Bay City and a new location in Flint on Linden road.

Thank you, Andy and ECT.


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