Worker In Bike Shop Catches Shoplifter [VIDEO]
This has to be the dumbest criminal I've seen in a long time. While browsing the shelves, this guy finds something that he wants. After grabbing the item, the moron looks around and then starts shoving the item in his bag. Obviously he didn't look hard enough because the shopkeeper was wat…
Local Landscapers Robbed
Alright Flint, time to keep your eyes open. My buddy Sam, of Atlas Outdoors, was robbed and vandalized last night. You can see for yourself in the pictures of what these a-holes did to his equipment and property. The jerks even stole a truck with four mowers inside.
$1000 Supply of Vibrators Stolen from Plastic-Lover Pusher
Someone must have been hard up for pleasure, at least one person was in Illinois. A Galesburg, Ill. woman came back to her apartment to find $1000 worth of vibrators stolen while other valuables were left untouched -- later the local battery store was 'knocked up' for its AA batteries…

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