Target has joined the list of stores that have decided to close their doors for Thanksgiving this year.

For those of you that look forward to Black Friday shopping every year, this list of possible stores to shop at is getting smaller and smaller. Target has now announced that their stores will be closing for Thanksgiving this year. This year will definitely continue to look different for all of us, that is for sure.

In a press release, Target has released a few of their holiday plans for 2020. So far, three parts of the plan have been announced.

  • Deals will begin to surface starting in October and carry on throughout the season. The lowest prices of the year for items will be available both online and in-store.
  • All target stores will be closed on Thanksgiving day. "Extra-big" savings will be available on this year's hot items both before and after November 26th.
  • Target is making more than 20,000 products available for pickup and delivery services. These products will include fresh and frozen groceries.

I have two feelings to go along with stores closing on Thanksgiving. First, I am very happy that those employees will be able to spend time at home with family and friends for Thanksgiving this year. Coming from someone that has worked on pretty much every holiday, I can appreciate the time they will be able to stay home and not stress over the Black Friday madness.

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Second, I am pretty bummed about not being able to hit the stores on Thanksgiving. Every year, we have a group of 4-6 friends that hit the stores to shop for the Christmas season after filling up on turkey and other glorious food. Target is our traditional first stop. Now before you start calling me selfish and yelling about COVID-19, I 100% understand what the reasons behind this are, so calm down. All I'm saying is that 2020 can suck it.

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