I'll bet you didn't know that love could be so tasty! The Andrea "Love Burger" is a literal "hamburger" combining ham and the spicy cherry BBQ sauce available only at Skip's Comeback Inn in Flushing.  

This meaty, saucy, cheesy treasure will have you experiencing feelings of love you never thought existed. You may find yourself wondering how your taste buds ever made it through life without this masterpiece. Once you "taste the love" you'll be hooked. Trust me.

Brandon Delarosa of Skip's and I were on the same page instantly once we started talking about what this burger would include.  We wanted to make a burger that was not only delicious, but practical. How many times have you ordered a burger with SO MUCH stuff on it, and everything starts sliding around and falling off. Now you're in public licking mayo off of your forearm. Not cool. The video below gives three incredibly solid reasons as to why you should taste and vote for the "Love Burger" this year! The other video below that shows a little bit of how the burger was created. Taste the love, my friends. Taste the love. At Burgers & Brews admission is free, and voting tickets are only $5 per person. It's Thursday, June 29th from 5-8 PM, Downtown Flint in Buckham Alley. We'll have beer, live music and more. Hopefully we'll have you. :-)

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