When you combine a Flint Coney (original recipe) and the infamous Torch Burger, you're destined to have the greatest tasting burger on the planet.

I recently sat down with Tom (master burger creator/cook) from The Torch in downtown Flint to figure out what would be the best burger to represent Flint at this year's Burgers & Brews event. We ended up with Tony's Coney Burger which combines the original Flint Coney and The Torch Burger along with onions, cheese and lots of mustard. This sucker is so freakin' good, it just explodes in your mouth.

You can come, sample and vote for Tony's Coney Burger on Friday, June 29th in Downtown Flint's Buckham Alley from 5-8pm. This is an all ages and free event to attend. If there's an award-winning burger out there, it's Tony's Coney Burger.

Sorry, my nipples don't come with my burger.