Is Romeo the best destination for trick-or-treating in Michigan?

Finding the right street for trick-or-treating can make or break a child's Halloween. Every adult today can remember the best street and best houses that were must visits during their childhood. Romeo's Tillson Street is just that for many people today.

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Tillson Street in Romeo has become a very popular destination for families in Michigan on Halloween. Each year, around 30 houses on this street go all out for Halloween with their decorations. It was estimated a couple of years ago that these homes combined gave away over 60,000 pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters.

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From what I've noticed in my 40 years of life in Michigan, there are three types of homeowners. Those who decorate for Christmas, those who decorate for Halloween, and those who, at most, only decorate their cement goose on the porch. I fall into the decorate for Halloween category, which is why I love Terror on Tillson Street.

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Homes with decorations are the most fun to visit on Halloween and when you have 30 or so of them all together it is awesome. Just being able to see 30 different themes or ideas makes the night that much more enjoyable for the whole family. Check out the photos below from the previous year of Terror on Tillson Street.

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So with the Halloween gauntlet thrown down by Tillson Street, are there any other neighborhoods or streets that can compete? If you know of a place, be sure to leave it in the comments so we can check it out.

Source: Halloween on Tillson St.

Terror on Tillson Street in Romeo, Michigan

The residents of Tillson Street in Romeo, MI really take Halloween seriously. Each year over 30 houses are decorated and pass out candy and thousands visit the area.

Gallery Credit: Halloween on Tillson Street

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