Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, located in a suburb of Houston, Texas just purchased a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) in other words, they bought a hyped-up remote control helicopter -- this thing is pretty badass actually. Find out more after the jump.

According to Slashdot, the UAV is a 50 pound fully autonomous helicopter that can be modified to include weapons such as: tasers, shotguns or grenade launchers. Now we definitely want to get one of these for around the office.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office purchased the UAV -- a Shadowhawk Mark III -- with grant money that came from the Department of Homeland Security, we see no better way to spend government money than on an oversized toy -- with guns of course.

This tricked out R/C helicopter comes with its own specially programmed software that can track objects on the move, all without having a human pilot -- that's good because they're taking out human err -- wait someone has to run the software, guess they'll be buying a few more after someone crashes the first one.

Take a look at this cool toy in this demo video.