It is week number six of the Banana Bad Golfers League and it's going to be another hot night.

The rivalries of new and old are getting serious this year! Golf night is my favorite night of the week in the summer. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my team was doing great and we were only half of a point out of first going into week number four. Unfortunately, that has all changed. My partner Tom and I have golfed like complete garbage that last two weeks and are getting smoked again. I thought it was finally my year. Nope, just another kick in the balls from 2020.

  • The 3 O'Clock Slot Division
    • First Place: Nana
    • Second Place: Grand Blanc Lanes
    • Third Place: Par Johnson
  • The Left Ball Division
    • First Place: Pass the Pint
    • Second Place: Assistant Greens Keepers
    • Third Place: Where's Pat?
  • The Right Ball Division
    • First Place: Bogies & Stogies
    • Second Place: 3 Putt Bogey
    • Third Place: Hammers
  • The Shaft Division
    • First Place: Smokin' Tees
    • Second Place: Bogeys at Best
    • Third Place: Tiger Would

It is going to be another hot one tonight so if you are on the league, make sure you drink some water. Even if you are not in the league, you can still come and hang out with us and enjoy some dollar beers and more on the patio of The Shot of the Day Bar & Grill right next to the clubhouse!

Also, big thanks to Walburgers for jumping on board with us as our latest prize sponsor for the league! We will see you all tonight!


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