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Forget about everything important for just a moment and take a look at the beauty of the Great Lakes that surrounds us.

Chicago TV station WLS, on the other side of Lake Michigan, put together the video below which features some stunning footage of ice formations that have formed over the last few weeks.

"When the cold of winter arrives, ice forms. The extent of that ice varies from winter to winter, but every year features unique ice structures," says meteorologist Larry Mowry. "As cold air arrives, the lake starts to cool. Lake steam forms. It's a pretty sight. The very cold air moving over the water pulls moisture out very quickly, forming small condensation clouds in the water. The enchanting dance of this moisture is another worldly sight."

Mowry goes on to explain that cold air slowly creates thin sheets of ice that grow thicker as cold air persists. The unique formations we see are the product of wind and waves that mold and form the ice over time. Stronger winds often produce what is referred to as 'pancake ice' like what you see in the image above.

"When the winds pick up and waves increase, these ice sheets break into pieces," he explains. "The wave action chips and forms the ice into circles, like pancakes."

There are more beautiful images below as Mowry explains the phenomenon of Ice Balls, Ice Volcanoes, and Ice Shards.

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