Both the Imperial Stout and the Great Lakes Witbier have been a hit on draught AT The Machine Shop, but soon you'll be able to buy these beers in stores and enjoy them whenever you want! 

The beer is brewed at Mountain Town Brewing Company in Mt. Pleasant, and up until now was only locally available on draught. The thought of being able to go to a store and buy it is the best news since canned beer - er, I mean sliced bread! Kevin Zink and Dusty Brill explain the things we need to know about this beer situation in the video below.

This is a video from Mountain Town Brewing Company showing the process. How cool!

This is a dream come true for me, personally. I love both varieties of the beer, and although I'm lucky enough to get it on draught often, I can't wait until that lazy Sunday when I'm sitting around in my fleece onesie skeleton pajamas drinking a Shop brew straight out of the can!

Tree Riddle Townsquare Media
Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media

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