The eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones kicked last Sunday and a lot of people were glued to the couch watching one of the most binge-watched shows in recent years. Not me.

Across the country and even here in Michigan the most-binged shows might surprise you. 'Game of Thrones' is heavily represented on the list. Rightfully so as I have been told. I mean it was 2 years ago when season seven finished up and people had countdown clocks until the season premiere. I still have not seen a single episode of the show, but people in many other states binge the hell out of it.

Here in Michigan, it was the Netflix series 'Ozark' starring Jason Bateman that edged out Game of Thrones. Suprised?

I don't have HBO so watching Game of Thrones is tough for me unless I go to a friends house or something. I, like many Americans, do have Netflix so it's much easier to binge-watch a series they have available. Check out the complete survey from here to see where your favorite show landed.


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