Well, the 2012 Summer Games are here and it's just another opportunity for America to prove we are the greatest country in the history of countries.  My thoughts on the opening rounds plus the MLB trade deadline and training camp in the NFL.

Summer Olympics: America's Expectations


Times are tough in the USA, so now, more than ever, we need to kick ass in sports.  If the Olympic Games were based on education or functionality of countries, America would be screwed.  Luckily, we put our athletes above all else, so we expect them to deleiver when it comes to gold.

Regarding the opening ceremonies, I just want to be clear in letting people know that was the stupidest performance I had ever seen.  It was supposed to be a history of the United Kingdom, but was just proof that England will always be America's weird cousin.  The ceremony featured sheep herders, a giant Lord Voldemort, the Queen parachuting into the stadium and more idiots dressed up like Mary Poppins than I could count.  There were also appearances by David Beckham, Mr. Bean, and British rappers, which just made it all the more confusing.  After China wowed the world in 2008, England baffled the world in 2012.

Also, let's talk about how hot some of these athletes are.  It doesn't matter what event you're watching, there is bound to be a hot chick on the field.  Maybe the super heavyweight women's weightlifting division is an exception, but I watched volleyball, field hockey, hurdles, swimming, and a bunch of other sports with half of a stiffy.

MLB: Tigers Prepare for the Second Half of the Season


The Tigers made a move before the trade deadline, landing ex-Tiger infielder Omar Infante and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez.  On paper it seems like a good deal for the Tigers as it helps provide stability in the infield and on the mound, but Infante's poor first week has many Detroit fans calling foul on the trade.  Infante has hit .143 in his first week with the Tigers, after swinging .287 prior to being traded.

It takes some time to get adjusted and I think once Infante finds his groove, the second baseman will be able to take his game to the next level.  The Tigers needed players who could help them win this season and Infante and Sanchez are capable of doing that.

NFL: Training Camps Begin with the Lions Focusing on Discipline


We are closer to the start of football season than you'd think, and the Detroit Lions are focusing on cleaning their act up.  At least on the field they are, as head coach Jim Schwartz has emphasized to the Lions how important discipline to winning ball games.  The Lions were in the bottom three of the league in penalties, costing the Lions over 1,000 yards in 2011, which slowed down or ended 29 drives.

The Lions will need to become a more mature team if they want to take the next step.  Center Dominic Riola said of the team's penalty situation,

"I think penalties was our biggest Achilles' heel from last year. That's just another way this team can mature and grow. It will get our defense off the field faster and keep big plays on the field for our offense if we cut down on those penalties."

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